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Yoga is the process of our inner evolution or a movement towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of existence. 

Yoga of NOW is a highly advanced, integrative system that utilizes the ancient science of Kriya Yoga under two realized teachers' guidance. This course serves as an initiation into the path of Self Realization – a step-by-step practical approach to raising one’s consciousness.


  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Kriya

  • Pranayama

  • Asana

  • Energy System

  • Yoga Anatomy 

  • Trauma Healing

  • Meditation

  • Satsang

All these areas of focus are intricately interconnected:

Yoga as a personal growth process reveals the basic dynamic stuff of the universe as spiritual energy - divine mother or Mahashakti! With the recognition of the divine PRANA as the basic energy which sustains the entire universe, we may realise its presence within ourselves.

Yoga Practice

KRIYA YOGA or The Dynamization of the Coiled Energy: 

Yoga of NOW is mostly focused on the energetic balancing of the human body-mind mechanism. The Kundalini energy governs the main energy circuit in the body. Modern man has allowed his pranic energies to be dissipated indiscriminately through incessant sense and ego gratification. To raise our consciousness through different spiritual practices such as meditation, we need to generate a surplus of prana or vital energy. With the help of specific Kriya Yoga practices, prana becomes free from the usual mental tyrannies and functions as a purifying force wherever it is needed within the person.  In this regard, Kriyas are powerful techniques that help remove the energy blockages in the body and restore the free energy flow through a unique combination of Asanas, Pranayamas, different Kumbhakas (retentions), and visualizations.