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Providing an opportunity for higher living & self-realization, our international academy is in service to uplifting life & the consciousness of humanity.

About New Humanity Life Academy

New Humanity Life is an international academy with a mission to uplift Life & the Consciousness of Humanity.

Levels of Consciousness

A scientific approach to raising the Levels of Consciousness. Levels of Consciousness (LOC) are a complete overview of the evolution of Human Consciousness and possible life experiences (learn more here). New Humanity Life is using a scientific method for measuring your Level of Consciousness. You will receive guidance and advice from one of our Certified Teachers from around the world. They will help you with Effective Practices to smoothly proceed to the next step forward in your Consciousness evolution. Many small steps lead to big changes!

Effective Practices

Effective practices needed for you at this time, at your own speed. At New Humanity Life, we provide Effective Practices according to your current Level of Consciousness. Never get stuck with a practice that worked before but is not working anymore in the Present and for your Future!

There are hundreds of students who have reached Higher Levels of Consciousness in a matter of weeks and months and many - even very advanced states of Consciousness in only 1 to 3 years, with the guidance of a Certified Teacher. You can read many success stories on our Testimonials Page.

New Science

New Science of the future is available today. At New Humanity Life, we value new scientific developments that make the path to Higher Consciousness faster and easier. We have Bioresonance, Kinesiology, Energo-Neuro Healing, Crystal Tools, and Technologies to measure and heal your physical health as well as to strengthen your nervous system. Our selected nutritional supplements can boost your brain capacity, enhance your nervous system and help your body to detoxify so that you can reach the peak Potential of your Life! Contact our Healing Center to learn more.

Teacher Training Courses

New Humanity Life Academy selects and educates those in Higher Levels of Consciousness to become Certified Teachers. We give online and physical training, both in group meetings and in private. We have gathered many people around the world who are dedicated to helping others raise their Levels of Consciousness and share their service to Humanity.


Each week we organize events, both online and physical, to promote Consciousness as well as monthly workshops, LIVE Streams, and local and international retreats. You can check our Upcoming Events here.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with New Humanity Certified Teachers are available on request. You can book your session on this page.
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