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New & Wonderful Life Awaits You! 


New Humanity Divine Life is an International Academy of Self-Realization & Divine Living. Over the past decade, thousands of students worldwide have come closer Home on their journey to Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Divine Eternity, and Natural Full Consciousness.

New Humanity Divine Life Community

Full Consciousness

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Presence & Non-Duality Consciousness
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About New Humanity Divine Life

Experience Pure & Divine Consciousness, which is the Source of all creation.

Full Consciousness is a Natural State called Sahaja. It is a natural openness that is as blissful and bright as a thousand suns. It is alive, eternal, sweet Love and unshakable Truth.

Every Soul longs to Merge in God’s Divine Eternity and complete their journey Home from the Causal planes of creation.

Living a Divine Life requires a new way of Being. Focusing on developing our spiritual Self by cultivating Self-Enquiry and Devotion. It is a continuous alignment with the universal principles of Truth, Love and Wisdom, Non-Dual Transcendence, Selflessness, and Surrender to the Divine Will.


Levels of Consciousness

On the Journey to Divine and Natural Full Consciousness, we encounter some key steps along the Path. These steps are known as the “Levels of Consciousness (LOCs).” They are a complete guide to the evolution of Human Consciousness and how one returns to Divine and Natural Full Consciousness. There are 3 Key Categories of Human Consciousness with multiple steps along the path of how your Soul returns Home and you reunite with your Divine Eternal Self.

You will receive guidance and advice from one of our Certified Teachers from around the world. They will help you with Effective Practices to smoothly proceed to the next step forward in your Consciousness evolution. Many small steps lead to big changes!

Effective Practices

Effective practices needed for you at this time, at your own speed. At New Humanity Divine Life, we provide Effective Practices according to your current Level of Consciousness. Never get stuck with a practice that worked before but is not working anymore in the Present and for your Future!

There are hundreds of students who have reached Higher Levels of Consciousness in a matter of weeks and months and many - even very advanced states of Consciousness in only 1 to 3 years, with the guidance of a Certified Teacher. You can read many success stories on our Testimonials Page.

Teacher Training Courses

New Humanity Divine Life Academy selects and educates those in Higher Levels of Consciousness to become Certified Teachers. We give online and physical training, both in group meetings and in private. We have gathered many people around the world who are dedicated to helping others raise their Levels of Consciousness and share their service to Humanity.


Each week we organize events, both online and physical, to promote Consciousness as well as monthly workshops, LIVE Streams, and local and international retreats. You can check our Upcoming Events here.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with New Humanity Certified Teachers are available on request. You can book your session on this page.

Meet Sat Mindo

Hello, I am Sat Mindo, a spiritual guide and author of “Enlightened Authentic Self”. For over a decade I have been dedicated to helping people worldwide to open up to Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Divine, and Natural Full Consciousness.

My unique Full Consciousness Transmission has helped over a thousand people benefit from permanently raising their Consciousness. 

I offer crystal-clear insights into the steps of Enlightenment and provide unwavering support throughout the awakening process to the Natural Self (Sahaja Consciousness).

Meet Lyonne Sundari

Hello, I'm Lyonne Sundari, a spiritual guide specializing in the path of Love and Devotion. I am passionate about helping people uncover their potential to become empowered and awakened to the inherent truth of their deepest selves. With years of experience as a teacher, healer, and mentor, I have worked with people from all walks of life.

One of my specialties is Divine Consciousness Transmissions, which is powerful and radiant, melting and merging with your heart of hearts. I offer a profound way to unconditionally remain in your deepest Being so that you can gradually dissolve your sense of separation and reunite with your Divine Eternal Self.

Sat Mindo Book: Enlightened Authentic Self

What is Authentic Enlightenment? It is awakening to our closest Self, realizing our own essence, here and now. It is not about becoming somebody else but has all to do with opening to the Self that we are. It is about overcoming and transcending inner limitations, suppressions, and conditionings that limit our Full Consciousness potential.
This book contains spiritual gems:

Experiences and Openings

Esther T.
“Mindo’s meditations and transmissions are absolutely profound. From a place of wholeness, purity and wisdom, he encourages us to join him in the present moment, which is full of aliveness, joy and love. Mindo’s transmissions cut through the depths of our being so that everything that is unhealthy and conditioned can be seen and dissolved in the openness and space of awareness itself. Mindo encourages us to unfamiliarize with the disempowering way how we look at ourselves. Mindo shares all the wisdom unconditionally with a big, big heart. A teacher who is so ‘near’ and so willing to help us is rarely found.”
Ryan D.
“I have prayed and hoped for Full Consciousness this lifetime, beginning at a young age. I feel immensely blessed to work toward and complete the journey into Full Consciousness, and the beginning of true living with Sat Mindo. The transmissions are, of course, very powerful and Mindo’s presence is palpable. I highly recommend you step into the Full Consciousness Transmission and be sure to go the full route.”
Anna L. E.
“Mindo’s openness and integration in full consciousness and beyond and his presence and powerful guidance is unique. He is one of the very few spiritual teachers in this world being and teaching at this level of consciousness, so it's very precious to come across someone like him. If you are ready to open up more and more to higher levels of consciousness, this is the place to go. He will safely guide you there. 
Erica O.
“I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and really resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. During the online sessions, I feel so comfortable to open up, be vulnerable and honest in front of her. With her beautiful wisdom, she gives me guidance to reach my highest potential. I am so grateful for meeting this real-life goddess.”
Reine K.
“I remember one particular session where she channeled Anandamayi Ma. I'd never felt that energy from Lyonne before. It was as if she had a personal connection with her and could bring her to us so easily. It was the first time I truly felt Anandmayi Ma in her essence. It filled me deeply and brought tears of joy and peace. Lyonne is such a clear channel. After that session was over, Lyonne went back to her usual Self--still glorious, ever warm and inviting-and danced with us. She's completely unassuming, down to our level but bringing things from above and beyond.
Betty M.
“Lyonne provided me with a safe and compassionate space to express what I was struggling with, and offered useful practices to help with them. In each session, she dedicated time for a special meditation with me, which always felt aligned with the level of Consciousness that I was exploring. I also appreciated that the meditations were recorded so that I could listen to them which helped me to integrate and continue on my path. I recently experienced a state of Being, and in this state of Being-ness, I detached from the addictive thinking that I have to “repair” myself because there was a deep knowing and acceptance that I Am Whole.”

New Humanity Divine Life Team

With Peace & Gratitude

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