Consciousness Transmission
(In-Person or via Zoom)

Lyonne Sundari is a way-shower and guide who exposes the teachings of a Non-Dual life, and compassionately uncovers peoples’ potential to become empowered selves and awakened to the inherent truth within. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, healer, and mentor. Lyonne invites you to Surrender into the IS-ness of life. To know your deepest essence and realize THAT which has always been here, ever-loving and radiant awareness.

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One-on-one Consciousness Transmission
This is a unique opportunity to receive a direct Consciousness Transmission from a fully realized teacher. Lyonne Sundari supports you to unblock your mind, and heart while raising your level of Consciousness. Lyonne transmits the energy at the Level of Full Consciousness, which is one of the purest spiritual energies.

A common feeling during the energy transmission is passing through the Light, expansion of the crown at the top of your head, and a feeling of Oneness. Your whole nervous system is attuned to the level of Full Consciousness as well as your: Aura, Electromagnetic field, Shakti/Kundalini, and all your 7 energy centers.

It is one of the most effective energy transmissions currently available in the world. It allows the source of light to flow through you harmoniously, connecting you to the purest Consciousness, unblocking the mind, which is the cause of all problems, and opening into a higher level of living.

Lyonne Sundari has helped hundreds of people to raise their levels of consciousness and self-realization and this has helped them on their journey to living life in deep harmony, love, joy, and oneness with life and the Universe.
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What is Consciousness Transmission? Consciousness is all-pervading and is present in every particle of nature. A teacher is transferring the consciousness-energy towards the lower density of the student and it activates a higher level of consciousness as well as helps to clear the obstacles.

This awakening, activation, and clearing are easily possible through Consciousness Transmission.

In this session, you will receive a supportive Full Consciousness Integration Transmission, your Personal Chart as well as advice on any questions and any further integrative support needed.
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To book an appointment in person or via Zoom you can e-mail:
Lyonne Sundari is highly intuitive and energy sensitive, thus she can see and feel your energy field, chakras, and the density of the mind, heart, and consciousness. As this work happens beyond time and space! as well as yours, so the sessions via Zoom are very effective and powerful.
Please make a payment in advance:

The fee is 150€ for 60 min session or 200€ for a 90min session, which also includes the measurement of your personal chart, your Level of Self-Realization, Level of Consciousness, Soul, Mind, Heart, and Body Nervous System, Life Cycle Manifestation, and Full Consciousness.
60 minute session
90 minute session
High net worth person fees:
The fee is 200€ for 60 min session and 300€ for 90 min session
60 minute session
90 minute session
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In the Personal Chart, 1000 is the highest measurement. You can also download Personal Charts PDF file here with more detailed explanation.
Included Support & Recording of Practice:
At each meeting with Lyonne, you will receive personal advice on any question you may have, as well as a recording of meditation/transmission/practice that you can download for your personal keeping after the meeting.

Lyonne will also advise you on further supportive readings, videos, and practices to continue with your Integration after the session on your own time.
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Rikke About the Transmission Session with Lyonne

Manvir UK
Lyonne's sessions are so powerful! She is able to effortlessly guide you back to the full consciousness always available, showering you in love and compassion. Her sessions are like no other and recently experiencing a transmission through one of her spiritual teachers (Anandamayi Ma) was a deeply shifting experience. 

Erica UK
I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and really resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. It wasn’t confusing anymore. It was like finally, I found my teacher. During the online sessions, I feel so comfortable opening up, being vulnerable, and being honest in front of her. With her beautiful wisdom, she gives me guidance to reach my highest potential.