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Victim-Abuser Consciousness (Anti-Life to Egoism) - Realm of the Ego


Below LOC Positivity the human mind is dense and filled with repressed negativity that is usually hidden away in the dark corners of the sub-consciousness. People natively born to these levels are close-minded, rigid in their belief systems and quite abusive to others in their actions or speech. On the other hand, people from higher consciousness levels can also semi-permanently visit these lower states of consciousness due to either traumatic experiences or having experienced too much negative influence or social-conditioning.

Victim/Abuser Ego and the Law of the Jungle

In general, LOC Anti-Life to Egoism is a “survival mode existence” where everything is perceived as a struggle and those who “give up” are dragged down in the whirlpool of self-destructiveness. The law of the jungle prevails and perceived weakness is singled out and preyed upon, either mentally or physically or both. Herd or gang mentality is common, and the lack of compassion and mercy even in young children at these levels can be shocking.


The two main coping mechanisms at play here are split into «victim ego» and «abuser ego» which in reality are two sides of the same coin. A victim ego projects the majority of repressed negativity onto his/her own self, while the abuser ego projects most of the repressed negativity onto others, perceived enemies and/or the world and society in general. In between are all sorts of combinations of these two extremes.

The Native Inhabitants of LOC Anti-Life to Egoism

People native to the sub LOC Positivity levels are typically born into environments and families that match their sub LOC Positivity birth level. This can be anything from war zones to extreme poverty and abusive environments in the lower half, to gang territory in the middle and rough working-class neighborhoods in the upper end.


People native to the sub LOC Positivity levels will in most cases spend their entire life below this level, and they don’t feel relevant for them to evolve much more than a very small amount on the scale in one lifetime. People native to LOC Anti-Life to Egoism are typically dominated by one or several chronic negative emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger. People who have fallen from higher levels into the sub

LOC Positivity levels will usually have a more conscious and reflective relationship with their own problems (while sub LOC Positivity natives will often deny having any problems at all).


In general, anything below LOC Positivity (be that people, books, movies, food items, or anything else) is destructive, energy-draining, without integrity, and essentially negative in influence. People between LOC Anti-Life to Egoism basically function from the level of instinct in an animalistic fashion in the medium/upper end of the scale. At the bottom of the scale, people could even be said to go below the level of animals and into the demonic as self-preservation dwindles and extreme self-destructiveness (victim ego) or cruelty (abuser ego) takes over more and more.

Lost and Trapped Souls from Higher Levels


Most people who eventually find themselves interested in personal development and spirituality are typically born above LOC Inner Will or Allowance.


Throughout childhood and early life, a person tends to absorb the negativity and programming from parents, peers, school, society, and mass-consciousness, so the level of a person’s consciousness gradually drops towards the LOC Positivity threshold.


In some cases, it goes way below LOC Positivity, typically in the teenage years. People born in the LOC Inner Will or Allowance or anywhere above LOC Positivity will not experience the sub Positivity levels in the same way as somebody who is born into and “native” to these levels.


People originating from higher levels will have a knowingness and remembrance deep inside that something is “not right” and that they don’t really “belong there”.


They will typically feel a deep calling as young adults to regain what has been lost, to de-program themselves, and search towards the lighter LOC levels from which they came. People who fit this profile will in most cases, but not always, fall into the “victim ego” category as they get “lost” in the sub Positivity levels. The reason for this is that they have naturally developed compassion and conscience which amounts to “weakness” in sub LOC Positivity.


There is a saying that “to reach heaven you must plant your roots in hell”, and that’s exactly why more evolved souls “choose” to visit the lower LOCs of Anti-Life to Egoism. Being born higher and having experienced the sub Positivity levels is actually a sign of great strength and inner potential.


You have stretched the rubber band as far into negativity as you could handle, and when you finally let go you will get catapulted into higher levels at a much faster rate than would have been possible without that experience.


The act of transmuting all the negativity the person took in, amounts to spiritual growth, and this will potentially take him/her beyond their birth level and into much higher levels of consciousness.


Sub Positivity levels are basically the experience of “hell on earth” in many different layers and forms. Mankind as a mass consciousness has been below the critical LOC Positivity level for all known history until the late 1980’s when the mass consciousness breached this most critical level coinciding with the end of the “cold war”, as nuclear self-destruction was no longer an impending ever-present threat to our collective existence and therefore there was an appearance of the search of a higher and more constructive way of coexistence.

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