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Teacher Training Course 200Hrs

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Alignments & Adjustments
Kriya & Pranayama
Satsang & Self-Inquiry
Levels of Consciousness 
Guided Meditation
Healing Methods
Trauma Healing

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The New Humanity Life Academy, Yoga of Now Teacher Training Course (200Hr) invokes the living, most timely teachings of the traditional scriptures: YOGA as UNION in the NOW is being transmitted here with the help of two realized teachers. The modular structure of the program is specifically constructed to provide effective tools for the raising of one’s consciousness. 


This integrative course focuses on Kriya, Five Signature Yoga of Now Sequences, Pranayama, various Guided Meditation practices, Satsang and Bonus Videos. Participants gain expertise in transforming, purifying, and healing the human energy system by paying specific attention to the energy body and nervous system in order to train the body-mind mechanism to anchor more light frequency and heal the trapped traumas in the nervous system.

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Become a fully qualified Yoga of Now International Teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance and New Humanity Life Academy. Learn what the science of Yoga is really about and have a direct experience of yourself in this powerful Now.

Be part of the New Humanity Life Community and family and teach Yoga anywhere in the world. Expand your Consciousness! 


The YOGA OF NOW Teacher Training Offers:

  • Yoga Alliance Approved 200-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Certification

  • Certified and highly experienced teachers

  • A 400+ page yoga manual and 50+ video lessons

  • This course offers an intriguing blend of theory and practices 

  • A unique focus on the nervous system and trauma healing

  • Kriya practices to support your evolution

  • A great in-depth focus on Consciousness work

  • Effective practices for opening higher consciousness

  • Ability to design unique classes for the Asana practice and meditation

  • In-depth understanding of yoga philosophy 

  • Teacher and community support 

  • Lifelong access and online support

Who is this TTC course for?

  • For those who want to expand their Consciousness

  • For those who want to embark on a journey above and beyond the yoga mat

  • For those who want to make a change in the world by transforming people’s lives

  • For yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga as a way of being

The Curriculum