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Testimonials from our students


Angie Mifsud (Malta) about Mindo

I met Mindo last January and since then its been one big adventure which never stops amazing me. I’ve been having weekly sessions with Mindo since last April where each time I feel happier, lighter, freer and filled with love. I have a deeper connection with the world and the people in it, and people comment that I have a very good aura. I wouldn’t be genuine if I told you that challenges don’t come up, but I’ve learnt that these are only things which are ready to be healed. Mindo is very gentle and caring, and has the ability to meet you wherever you are in your journey, bringing you towards where you are meant to be.

How does a transmission session feel like?

Abigail Borg
I have just started working with Mindo and it is clear that my energy has shifted already. I feel blessed to have experienced a Full Consciousness Transmission which was a turning point in my work towards self-realization. Mindo’s pure white frequency cleansing and activating my energy opened a whole new world to be “presently enjoyed”. Mindo is a unique teacher who’s simple, clear guidance can be easily followed even by the beginner.
Evelina W

I feel a very slight tingle at the back of my head. The main benefit is that I feel much calmer. I am happy about being where I am and don´t let thoughts and feelings bother me in the same way. I am much happier and feel much more appreciative about small everyday things. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am very thankful that my friend recommended a session with Mindo.

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I am so happy I went to the retreat. I see the world different now, more positive and with love, and I know that this is just the beginning of many life changing experiences. This was my first retreat of many to come. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! 

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