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 Lyonne is experienced in guiding you into the opening to your next level of Consciousness, through the 12 Initiations Program. She also utilizes advanced energy healing work to support you in your healing and ascension process. Lyonne applies various effective practices to clear, purify, align, balance, amplify energy and strengthen your connection with Source Consciousness. Promoting healing on emotional, mental, and all spiritual levels. Every healing session is tailored with love and specifically to meet your needs. Lyonne follows through with the guidance of levels of Consciousness and clarifies your progress by using kinesiology testing to monitor the expansion of your Consciousness. 

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Spiritual Guidance & Counseling: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

This Session is for dedicated beings, willing to face what has been obstructing the way of the true source eternal being. During this session, we investigate and identify any emotional, or psychological challenges, mental constructs, and obstacles that are self-limiting, self-destructive, and self-sabotaging. You will be guided with effective practices towards your next level of Initiation. The Levels of Consciousness come with beautiful openings but also experience deeper healing processes. Lyonne guides you gently according to what you can handle to have the smoothest transition into your highest states of Being possible. 

Read more about the 12 Initiations​


Heart Healing: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

This Session is for you if you are experiencing emotional turbulence, heartbreak, heaviness in the heart, and blockages in your life around giving and receiving love. If you are ready to go through a letting go process, heal past pains and release fears that keep your heart closed, then you are ready to open and connect with your higher heart. Your higher heart is a direct portal that connects you to your Soul and Source.


Trauma Healing: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

This Session is for you if, trauma is holding you back from living a life of peace and tranquility. This Session involves intense healing of past life experiences that have not been resolved till now. We focus on nervous system healing too. Nervous system healing is essential for your higher consciousness and vibration to be sustained in your body. This work also supports the restructuring of neurotransmitters and restoring damaged neuropathways. Strengthen your Nervous System with Consciousness Transmissions.


DNA Activation & Upgrades: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

Recollection of DNA Strands, Restoring the Original Blueprint, Healing damaged codes, Alignment sessions. This Session is for you if you feel called to heal, restore and upgrade your DNA. An activation helps you to align to your original blueprint. DNA strands have been deeply contrived, reversed, and separated from Source Consciousness. We are now recollecting the 12 strands of the DNA structure. 


Soul Healing: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

This Session is for you if your Soul calls for healing, soul retrieval, restoration, past life healing, and ancestral clearing. Lyonne will help you to activate any dormant soul memories that are beneficial for the Integration of the Soul's Presence into Being. We focus on integrating your Soul-Self, into the Here and Now, remembering and aligning to your highest sovereign Self, and aid you in activating your unique soul signature.


Women's Healing: 60min | 100eur or 90min | 150eur

Lyonne is guiding and empowering women into the essence of their feminine nature through various energy work and practical tools. She shows a profound sense of heartful being, helping you to reconnect with the essence of Divine Feminine, Unconditional Love, Inner Beauty, and Sacred Sexuality.


General Information About
Sessions, Fees & Payment Details

These Sessions include a talk, effective practices, and guided meditations specifically designed to your needs and towards what is exposed in the present now. At the end of the session, we dedicate time for sharing and Q&A


The Practices and meditations are recorded via zoom and shared with you after the meeting. It is an opportunity to repeat the practice and meditation, to support your integration process. You will also receive recommendations and suggestions of videos to watch and books to read according to your Initiation and what is generally beneficial for your next level of Consciousness. For optimal results, it is recommended to schedule another meeting no later than 3 weeks. This creates a wonderful momentum rising a highway to source consciousness. In between sessions, you are welcome to join Lyonne Sundari LIVE meetings on Zoom every Tuesday. Read more >

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60min | 100eur 

90min | 150eur


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Reine Kabban, Lebanon

For me, Lyonne is the kind of spiritual teacher that is genuinely rooted in a presence and energy that invokes a true meeting with the higher self! Her way is so subtle and gentle, and before you know it, you are accessing a part of yourself that you didn't know was possible.


Doris Alsford, UK

Life leads me to this excellent teacher that has guided me to realize my value, depth, and capacity to love. She has shown me my natural gifts and unique expression that I can share with others and celebrate myself. I am so blessed to have met her. Her support and guidance have lifted and transformed me and my life, and now I can be of service in my daily life to others, just by being myself. I have also learned how to hold space in a loving presence for another and bring through my higher self to give them the message they need to hear and provide them with space for their inquiry and revelations. Whether you are called to go on a retreat, online course, or work one-to-one or like me all of it, it is of unmatched value you are investing in yourself, and you realize your real purpose on this earth led by a real-life goddess.


Alba Florian Viton, Malta

My encounter with Lyonne was a gift from the stars. She came into my life just at the right time, only when I needed her magic the most. To me, it feels as though she is a stranger to no one... she will invite you into her heart with open arms, and from then, better yet, she will ask you into your seat. Lyonne led me into a place within myself where everything is fine, where everything flows, where time, stress, and worries do not exist... a place where I could spiritually experience a beautiful totality....she introduced me to certainty, a complete trust, security within myself... We are so much more than we think...when an angel-like Lyonne crosses your path, consider yourself very, very lucky :) Thank you, Lyonne.

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