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Awareness Is Your Nature | Talk & Guided Meditation

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Level of Consciousness Awareness is the realization of Awareness as your own self. There is a considerable degree of lightness compared to Non-Dual space, and being Awareness becomes the fundamental identity. The seeker's consciousness is felt as a pure and all-pervading aware presence, and a sense of larger openness arises as Awareness is beyond any space and nothingness as well. The physical human brain is lit up to a large degree of enlightenment and brain-nervous system coherence. The conditionings and distortions unravel more quickly in Awareness, revealing a greater degree of clarity. An enlightened person can now change their perceptions and see what IS - the essence of IS-ness - more directly.

In Awareness, the sense of separation from others is significantly decreased. The world seems less of a problem, and life seems to flow more smoothly. The subconscious material is still surfacing to clear, but this material is increasingly more subtle and easier to manage.

Format: Video
Duration: 1:06:55

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