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Consciousness Integration 3 Day Workshop

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Join this 3 Day Workshop in the comfort and convenience of your home to raise your Consciousness. This workshop is conducted over five sessions of discourses, as each session builds on the previous one to take you deeper and deeper into your Self. This 9-hour workshop includes 2x Full Consciousness Transmissions by Sat Mindo, which are powerful transmissions of pure Source Consciousness to the receiver.

This 5 Session Workshop is best done over a three-day period when you have the time to devote to yourself and your spiritual development but can be done over a shorter or longer period if needed. It is important to do the sessions and meditations in order the first time you take this retreat, but after that, individual meditations can be repeated as needed.

What is included in the Consciousness Integration 3 Day Workshop:

Session 1: I AM & Beyond I AM Grounding Meditation

The meditations in this retreat will take you progressively further into the experience of your fully integrated Being. In this meditation, Mindo guides you into re-centering yourself into the present moment to set the groundwork for an immersion into your deeper Being. This will be an opportunity to disconnect from external energies to experience the full sense of your Being. Grounding and centering are the first steps in this process and will create a soothing sense of peace and rest. This meditation can be repeated anytime you need to feel grounded and centered and to come back to your Being.

Duration: 1:28:34

Session 2: The Power of Your I AM Presence (Explanation & Meditation)

Mindo shares his fascinating insight into your multidimensional being and the higher dimensional planes of existence. Your soul is an individual spark from the Godhead consciousness. As the soul descended into this 3rd-dimensional form, we experienced distortions that veil the higher realms of existence. Your I AM Presence is the part of you that is connected to the original Source consciousness. It is our re-connection to our I AM Presence that reveals our true self to us. This discourse is followed by a meditation to realign our energies and prepare you for the Full Consciousness Transmission in the third session.

Duration: 1:12:42

Session 3: Body Integration Guided Full Consciousness Transmission

Full Consciousness is also known as Sahaja consciousness or the Natural State. It feels surprisingly simple and natural because it is a state without distortion, disturbances, or thoughts. Higher states of consciousness can be experienced even while in the body. A Full Consciousness Transmission is a highway to higher consciousness and the natural state. This transmission removes the veils and distortions of the mind. It can be used regularly to progressively unblock the mind and perceptions and bring one to a permanently higher state of consciousness.

Duration: 1:42:28

Session 4: Clearing Oppositions and Suppressions & Becoming Lighter in Consciousness with Goddesses Durga & Kali

In our life, there are forces that are unnatural to us. These negative forces cause suppression and victimization. These forces cause negative energies that manifest as negative emotions and thoughts and obstruct the Natural State. In this session, Mindo talks about the two Goddesses that can assist in removing these negative forces. These beings, Kali and Durga, can be called upon to help remove suppressive energy and assist in healing. This powerful session ends with a meditation in which Mindo helps you bring these beings in for assistance to initiate a deep clearing and healing.

Duration: 1:09:50

Session 5: Integrative Full Consciousness Amrita Nadi Transmission

This transmission will focus on unblocking the Amrita Nadi, the Heart on the Right, also called the Channel of Bliss. For most people, this Nadi is 96% blocked. This near-complete blockage is what causes the veiling of the mind over our natural awareness. This transmission gently loosens some of this blockage, resulting in the release of some of the rigid patterns in the mind to gain more clarity and openness of your natural Awareness.

Duration: 2:24:13

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