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10 Days Enlightenment Retreat

Rishikesh, India 

27th Feb - 8th March 2020

Satsangs ~ Full Consciousness~ Self-Enquiry ~ Meditations  ~ Yoga  

10 Days Retreat Package Includes:


  • 10 Nights accommodation in the heart of Rishikesh

  • Satsangs Enquiry into the Truth

  • Living in Presence & Beingness

  • Full Consciousness Transmissions

  • Darshan Blessings

  • Personal Guidance

  • Soulful Dialogues 

  • Path of the Heart

  • Daily Yoga of Now Practice

  • Restorative and Energizing Breathing Practices

  • 5 Tibetan Rites

  • Time for Silence, Reflection and Stillness

  • Peace of Mind knowing you are in Expert care

Master Mindo Damalis

Returning to Full Consciousness

10 Nights in the Heart of Rishikesh

at Divine Ganga Cottage

 Divine Ganga Cottage Rooms