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Level of Consciousness - Positivity

The level of Positivity is the great breakthrough in consciousness where one has become free of the chronic negativity of the lower emotional states. This is the first level of true strength where life is seen as exciting, rather than overwhelming. No longer mired in the lower emotional realms, one can face life’s challenges with fortitude and determination. Life is seen more realistically once it is no longer run by fear, pride, and other lower feelings. Personal integrity first arises here as well. At lower levels people are usually opportunistic, but once one crosses this threshold, the natural integrity softens the instinctual drives so that they no longer dominate the personality.

Many people in current society reside at this level of consciousness, and this can be seen by the large amount of self help and success oriented material that attracts people who are wanting a better life. People who live in lower levels may want better life conditions, but lack the sense of reality, strength, and courage to take the necessary steps.

At the level of Positivity there is a greater attraction to education, the setting and achieving of realistic goals, and more harmonious relationships. Conflict and strife are not as predominant as in lower levels, as the perspectives of others are more easily seen. Narcissistic tendencies are replaced by integrity and concern for the well being of others.

The downside of this level of consciousness is the proximity to the lower emotional states, which tend to pull one back into their negativity. There are still a lot of dense, unprocessed emotional energies here that can make life feel like a continuous uphill battle. This is because, at this level, one is really battling the negativity that is deeply suppressed. To alleviate this, it is helpful to allow the heavy emotions such as shame, fear, and guilt to rise into the forefront of the mind to be seen, felt, and transcended.

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

• Beginning of integrity, self empowerment and positivity
• Can start to change thoughts from negative to positive
• Life supporting power emerges
• Negative influences and anxiety start reducing
• Space of positive affirmations - people program
themselves mentally with positive thoughts
• People may hire a life-coach or start attending
courses of self improvement
• Courage for exploration of new things
• Life can be seen as inspiring and challenging
• Courage to overcome challenges and seize opportunities
• There is enough energy to learn new employment
skills; self empowerment and education become realistic goals.
• Ability to face fears and obstacles and overcome them
• People at this level give to the world as much as they take

Associated Meditation Practices:

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