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Level of Consciousness - Non-Duality

Level of Consciousness Non-Duality is the next step of opening from Presence into Non-Dual realization, beyond the duality of energies, good and bad, Yin and Yang. This opening gives an opportunity to work through polarities, dualities, likes, and dislikes. This means that most of these limiting Polarities and dual energies are worked through and transcended.

Non-Dual life is spiritual adulthood, a capacity to be Present with what is here, now, and beyond entanglement with energies. You can say that this is a deepening of Presence, but an even lighter and more expanded way of Being.

For those aware of the Soul’s energy, it burns the heaviest karmic ties, and the biggest key conditions are transcended, bringing a sense of relief and more liberation.

The evolutionary path becomes somewhat easier as there is a sense that nobody is here anymore, just the present Nothingness. No identity, no person, no position, only being in the Present Space of Nothingness. No-thing-ness is lighter than some-thing-ness. It is very relieving to know that the Personal I AM is no longer needed; thus, there is no fixed position, and nothingness feels lighter and more natural.

One trap in this level of consciousness is the tendency to deny that which is unwanted, that is, ‘the world’, due to the feeling of being disconnected from much of the mass collective heaviness and the drastically reduced sense of individuality. Some people here might say, “There’s nothing you can do”, or “There’s no one to do anything”. However, they may still have problems with other people and the world. The truth is that individual consciousness is being refined from karmic and collective conditionings, and the difficulties experienced indicate what conditionings are left within.

The deeper conditionings are still surfacing in Awareness for release, but these processes become subtler, lighter, and detached from energies and polarities. A feeling of increased liberation arises. Non-Duality is the Pre-Enlightenment phase of the journey.

“Who is it that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself. The individual suffers because he perceives duality. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.” (Anandamayi Ma)

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

Common processes & realizations

• Non-Duality is lighter and more expanded than Presence.
• Dual energies are being worked through for transcendence.
• Beyond Yin and Yang is wholeness; it is here and now.
• Seeing the whole thing from both sides, edges, and the imminent interconnectedness as a complete and whole picture (awareness of the two sides of the coin perspective).
• Realization of nothingness beyond polarities.
• No-thing-ness is lighter than some-thing-ness.
• Non-Dual Space is beyond the feeling of I AM or Beingness.
• In Non-Dual Space, there is no need to define anything or conclude anything.
• Disidentify from ‘somebody-ness’ and familiarize with ‘nobody-ness’.
• From I AM, to Non-I AM. Non-I AM is lighter than I AM. From myself, to no limited self.
• The soul burns the heaviest karmic ties and transcends key conditionings.
• You might fall into the trap of denying the phenomenal world.
• The world still causes disturbances as there is inner refinement to work on.
• A feeling of greater relief and liberation arises.
• A Pre-Enlightenment phase.

Associated Meditation Practices:

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Stepping into Non-Duality

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