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Level of Consciousness - Need

As we advance up the ladder of consciousness, we find that each successive level has more life energy. Need is the first level where we see an empowerment to fulfill desires and to create change. For this reason, need can be a springboard into higher consciousness. As one moves to fulfill desires, the inertness of apathy and other lower emotions are transcended. Need can be a great motivator to create a better life.

Although there are very few people born at the consciousness level of need, most people are very familiar with this energy throughout their lives to one degree or another. For many, life seems to be all about the pursuit of one thing after another to fill a void. We often see certain people as "needy" when they can't seem to get enough of the attention they crave. This unprocessed energy puts one in a
state to be taken advantage of. Advertisers specialize in creating a feeling of need for certain objects, experiences and lifestyles by taking advantage of our instinctual drive for security and survival.

The difficulty with desire is that the energy of wanting, followed by the fulfillment of the want, can easily become an addiction. There is a tendency for the energy of desire to become a chronic wantingness and craving that can never be fulfilled. This is the level of addictions of all types - food, alcohol, drugs, sex, excitement, danger, and attention.

Qualities of the energy of desire include:

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

• More energy available here that can be
used to strive for a better life
• Motivates many human activities
• Marketing economy is usually exploiting
humanity’s desirous nature
• Level of addiction, accumulation & greed
• Never enough, bottomless pit
• Positive when the seeking is directed
towards a better life
• Negative when seeking never leads to
• Motivates to achieve certain goals
• Can be a springboard for reaching a higher

Associated Meditation Practices:

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Some books that may be helpful include:

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Associated Videos:

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