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CDSplus - the latest generation of chlorine dioxide products!


CDSplus is a newly developed and patented 2-component product. After activation, it contains a highly pure and absolutely chlorine-free aqueous concentrate of chlorine dioxide solution (approx. 0.29%) as a biocide for highly effective control of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms and other pathogenic germs such as the dangerous legionella.

CDS plus

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  • Alkalize your body and raise your vibration with nutritional supplements:
    Our physical body tends to accumulate and get full of toxins, heavy metals, and acidic components due to our way of living, which prevents us from awakening the energy system and chakras. Alkalising your diet and body will help you detoxify your physical body, which is necessary to go into the higher state of consciousness.

    ​Supplements vary in their importance, frequency of usage, and necessary dosage. We listed the most important supplements for High Vibrational Health.

    • CDS Water Drops

    CDS plus is a complete, newly developed, and patented two-component product. After activation, it contains a highly pure watery concentration of chlorine dioxide solution for highly effective elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms, and other sickness-causing germs.

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