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Unsqueezing the Sense of "I" into the Natural Openness

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The Initial squeeze of the ego is referred to as the “I” derived from the word Identity, referred to the limited self. The root cause of suffering is the “I” itself, thus, at this level of awareness, one has the clarity to notice the initial squeeze of the I. Un-squeezing of the” I” happens when we abide beyond it. The “I” thought is said to be the seed and sum of all thoughts.

Natural Openness is seen as Self; all emanate from, and all IS, this Primordial Consciousness. The Self is unborn, undying, undivided, and inseparable. It is all there IS, manifested and unmanifested, as the Source of both. It is the “I AM THAT.”

Format: Video
Duration: 42:24

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