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Satsang | Body Scan Meditation & Awareness Silent Transmission

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In Awareness, the sense of separation from others is significantly decreased. The world seems less of a problem, and life seems to flow more smoothly. The subconscious material is still surfacing to clear, but this material is increasingly more subtle and easier to manage.

While problems still arise, the clarity of seeing and the sense of openness create a space for resolving issues. Some things that may have previously seemed like problems fall away as unimportant. A much greater degree of power and ability to meet life in a lighter way arises.

The Silent-Transmission will support you in connecting to inner silence and profound levels of conscious awareness.

Thus, the Silent-Transmission has a great benefit because it directly connects you to inner silence and your being. It is like a portal to inner quietude, which you can enter easily.

Format: Video
Duration: 59:02

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