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Nature of "I" Consciousness & Deeper Feelings of the Human Condition

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The degree of your satisfaction lies in your realization and experience with the truth that you are aware, awake, and conscious right now, in this present moment. The impersonal awareness is the awareness of now. Personal awareness, on the other hand, is the ideas, feelings, attractions, and aversions of the limited self. It is this limited self that we are usually viewing this world through. But what if we could pop that personal bubble and live in the boundless open consciousness? This is where freedom lies. It is simpler than you think to be aware, conscious, and fully present. In this Satsang Mindo delves into this topic and gives the keys to liberating oneself from the heavy personal baggage that creates the feeling of separation from the whole.

Sat Mindo is a fully realized teacher whose life is dedicated to assisting others in raising their level of consciousness. His meditations carry a strong energetic frequency that acts as a boost to help quicken your spiritual evolution.

Format: Video
Duration: 36.59

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