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Grounding into Being | Emptiness of Being Meditation & Transmission

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It is a “Being” consciousness rather than “Doing.” It is the “I AM” -ness, where Being is preferred instead of interacting with energies and objective phenomena. There is a realization that there is no “doer” of activity because, upon a closer look, there is no one here as such. Only the present space is experienced. It was only an assumed identity; all thoughts and emotions are happening by themselves. One realizes that there is no doer, and there is no one that is doing something - it is all happening by itself.

Presence is known as the mighty “I AM Presence” in Ascension Teachings. It is a direct connectedness to your most perfect self and a full merging with the Soul where the Soul descends into the Body. The spirit can now Descend back to the body, back to Earth, thus establishing Heaven on Earth. It is also called Cosmic Consciousness due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Christed Self.

The true meaning of the Christed Self is surrendering to the Cross of Time (horizontal dimension) and Space (vertical dimension) and thus transcending time and space to the Presence of HERE and NOW as an actual Present Moment of being able to sustain not only Light and Love but all passing energies in the Present moment.

Format: Video
Duration: 53:54

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