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Full Consciousness is Natural Self, Absolute Reality & Consciousness Transmission

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Natural Consciousness is about you and what is natural for you. We often live in denial of the present moment, try to live in our imagination, and are bound by worries and fears. Spiritual people often live in a fantasy world, denying reality and chasing experiences. With all this distraction, it is easy to miss our Natural Self, the Absolute Reality. Full Consciousness is not about experiences or any thought you've ever had about it. It is beyond that, so close that you can touch it but shrouded behind concepts and ideas.

This transmission of higher consciousness helps dissolve the layers of the mind and conditionings in consciousness to get closer to Natural Consciousness. Learn what is natural for you, what is not, and how to return to your true Self. The meditation and Full consciousness transmission will energetically uplift you and raise your consciousness.

Sat Mindo is a fully realized teacher whose life is dedicated to assisting others in raising their level of consciousness. His meditations carry a strong energetic frequency that acts as a boost to help quicken your spiritual evolution.

Format: Video
Duration: 1:31:02

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