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Beyond Dualities Meditation & Transmission

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During this opening of consciousness, you may experience a merging of opposite energies. Dualities won't seem so separate anymore. You will gain enough lightness to hold them in a lighter space of being. The Non-Dual Being is beyond any energies, being able to stay present with whatever energies appear and yet being beyond them.

Level of Consciousness Non-Duality is the next step of opening from Presence into Non-Dual realization, beyond the duality of energies, of good and bad, Yin and Yang. This opening gives an opportunity to work through polarities, dualities, likes, and dislikes. This means that most of these limiting Polarities and dual energies will be worked through and Transcended.

Non-Dual life is spiritual adulthood, a capacity to be Present with what is here now and beyond entanglement with energies. You can say this is a deepening of Presence, but an even lighter and more expanded way of Being. For those aware of the Soul’s energy, it burns the heaviest karmic ties, and the biggest key conditions are transcended, bringing a sense of relief and more liberation.

Format: Video
Duration: 23:20

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