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Becoming Nobody Meditation & Transmission

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Being “somebody” can be similar to wearing a suit that doesn’t quite fit, that is a bit tight and naggingly uncomfortable, but we wear it nonetheless. Becoming nobody is the most liberating sense you can experience along your journey towards non-duality. Practicing being nobody will help you disidentify from who you thought you were. This practice will support unhooking the hooks. Expecting nothing from anyone or anything, you feel more at ease because you know that being nobody is effortless and a lighter way of being. Becoming Nobody is about taking off the suit to reveal a greater Lightness of Being.

Level of Consciousness Non-Duality is the next step of opening from Presence into Non-Dual realization, beyond the duality of energies, of good and bad, Yin and Yang. This opening gives an opportunity to work through polarities, dualities, likes, and dislikes. This means that most of these limiting Polarities and dual energies will be worked through and Transcended.

Format: Video
Duration: 24:29

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