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Awareness into the I-Thought Meditation and Consciousness Transmission

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Level of Consciousness Awareness is the realization of Awareness as your own Self. There is a considerable degree of lightness compared to Non-Dual space. Being Awareness becomes the fundamental identity. The seeker’s consciousness is felt as a pure and all-pervading aware presence. A sense of larger openness arises as Awareness is beyond any space and nothingness too.

Supra Causal Truth Consciousness transcends the causality, where the Absolute Self becomes more visible and clear. The light of Full Consciousness is now shining through the seeker like via a diamond or a crystal, so there is much more clarity of Seeing. The seed of the mind and its way of birthing a sense of separation also becomes crystal clear.

This state of consciousness can lead to the desire to retreat from the world where one can enjoy a deep sense of peace and fulfillment. The problem is that the sense of “I” remains to be uprooted from its core. The I-Thought or I-Feeling is a very persistent and deceptive mechanism of self-preservation. It enjoys hiding and staying at peace as long as no one disturbs it.

Hunting the I-Thought is possible because of the clarity of seeing. The veil is transparent and crystal clear; thus, a certain sharpness becomes available. Every time the root cause of suffering rises, awareness notices and witnesses it. You become like a hunter. Aware Clarity can notice and see the initial contraction rising. Awareness catches it; thus, the “I” starts to weaken and loosen its strength. This way, the boundless awareness strengthens.

Format: Video
Duration: 24:18

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