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Natural Full Consciousness
Awakening to Eternity of Self
3 Days Online Zoom Retreat 
16-18th June 2023

Full Consciousness Transmissions ~ Divine Love ~ Awareness Awakening ~ Meetings in Truth ~ Meditations ~ Q&A

3 Days Online Retreat Includes:


  • 5 Meetings with Sat Mindo Damalis

  • 3 Full Consciousness Transmissions

  • Guided Meditations

  • Meetings in Truth

  • Divine Way of the Self

  • Self-Enquiry into Your Deepest Self

  • Channel of Bliss (Inner Sun) Opening

  • Personal Blessings

  • Inner Guidance

  • Soulful Dialogues

  • Time for Questions & Answers

Invitation to Your Natural Self

Benefits of Online Retreat

Profound spiritual meetings from the comfort of your home
Easy Access from anywhere in the world
No need to travel - saves you time and expenses for accommodation and food

Meetings with Sat Mindo online are as effective as meetings in person
Mindo has a unique gift of seeing your personal energy field, chakras,

the density of the mind and consciousness.